Fang Folio: Selene (Underworld films)

Welcome back to another Fang Folio, where I shine a non-UV spotlight on vampires from pop culture I absolutely love! And our next subject is the fanged femme fatale known as...


Claim to fame: She's the sexy and badass Death Dealer (the prestigious vampire fighting elite) from the highly-successful Underworld series of movies.

Why she's awesome: First, she's played by Kate Beckinsale, probably one of the most beautiful people on the planet. Second, she's totally badass in the Underworld series, taking on hordes of vampires AND lycans with just two automatic pistols and lots of cojones. Third, she don't need no man to pop caps in lycan ass (damsel in distress she is not...she does most of the rescuing in the movies!). And have I already mentioned she's played by Kate Beckinsale? She could be covered in grime and still look classy...

Crowning moment of epicness: Selene gets her CMOE in Underworld: Evolution, when she went toe-to-toe with Marcus Corvinus, who happens to be the first and most powerful vampire. I mean, sure she got a power-up from Alexander Corvinus' blood, but it was Selene who lifted her own feet and gave a vampire god the curbstomp to end them all. And it was glorious.

Beautiful and deadly...a combination we won't soon forget! Selene is a kick-ass vampire lady I won't mind seeing more of. Now if only the next Underworld movie came out sooner...

Awesomeness meter:
Four out of five Dracula heads

Watch out next week for the next installment of Fang Folio! Thanks for reading!

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