Fang Folio: Nyanpire

Welcome back to another Fang Folio, where I shine a non-UV spotlight on vampires from pop culture I absolutely love! And our next blood-sucking fiend is the insanely cute...


Claim to fame: He's the ridiculously cute star of the Nyanpire doujinshi manga and the subsequently cute anime series by GONZO.

Why he's awesome: In case it's still unclear...


As if being a vampire isn't badass enough, he had to be a kitten who could make hearts melt within a 500-mile radius! Makes you wanna offer you neck up for him to chew on!

But it's not just him that's cute...he also has some equally cute friends he goes on extraordinary adventures with like Masamunya the samurai kitty and Nyatenshi, an angel kitty kicked out from heaven for womanizing (!) Nyanpire's anime series in particular is not for the faint of heart, coz if you have a soft spot for kittens you WILL squee (and possibly cry) after every episode.

Crowning moment of epicness cuteness: Basically anything to do with Chachamaru, Nyanpire's adoptive little sister brother. Nyanpire fretting over the safety of Chachamaru (after irresponsibly leaving her on her own a few minutes ago, of course)  is insanely heart-breaking and cute and ASD;LJFA;LSJKF

Bottom line is, Nyanpire is cuteness with a bite! You'd wish vampires were as adorable as he is!

Awesomeness rating:
Four out of five Dracula heads

Watch out tomorrow for another edition of Fang Folio and another vampire in the spotlight! Know of any other adorably cute vampires? Leave me a comment below and let's talk about it! Thanks for reading~!

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  1. for a moment, he/she looks like a relative of CATBUG, haha maybe because their both cats haaha

    ~ Crono