Fang Folio: Marvel's Dracula

Welcome back to another Fang Folio, where I shine a non-UV spotlight on vampires from pop culture I absolutely love! Our next fanged fiend is someone very familiar, yet excitingly different. I'm talking about...


Claim to fame: He's basically Marvel co-opting Bram Stoker's Dracula, with awesome results.

Why he's awesome: Come on, this is Dracula! Lord of Vampires! Prince of Darkness! He didn't get those titles by sitting on his pampered butt and doing nothin'. Since his first appearance in The Tomb of Dracula #1, his reign of terror has reached far across the Marvel Universe in ways no one even imagined. He's fought Blade, the X-Men and even Apocalypse himself, and the entire British Isles almost fell under his vampiric rule!

But most of all, I love how over-the-top he was written. Legendary Marvel writer Marv Wolfman really let Dracula cut loose, characterizing him as a proud and cunning vampire who let you know exactly what he was capable of. Even when surrounded by demonic beings in a hellish dimension, Dracula trash-talks like a pro-gamer. "I am supreme! You'll never feast on MY bones, nor bend them to your eternal torments! You'll NOT take Count Dracula!"

Unfortunately, a few awesomeness points were shaved from him when someone thought it would be a good idea to turn him into this edgy Legacy of Kain rip-off these days.

Crowning moment of epicness: Basically the entire Vampire State storyarc in Marvel's Captain Britain and the MI:13. There, Dracula basically took apart Captain Britain's band of merry mooks with ruthless precision and left the British isles vulnerable against awesome ideas like firing vampires like missiles at Britain from vampire cannons stationed on the frikkin' moon. You heard me!

Despite all the lows in his career, no one can deny that Marvel's Dracula is a formidable foe and a scary sonovagun, and it's testament to his legacy that dark days are more than assured when Dracula walks among us again!

Awesomeness level:
Three out of five Dracula heads

Check back tomorrow when another vampiric fave takes center stage! Thanks for reading!

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