Fang Folio: Sorin Markov

As we count down to Halloween, I'll be shining a non-UV spotlight on some awesome vampires I absolutely love! From RPGs to card games, comics to movies, this collection of fanged fiends always make their home worlds more awesome than they should be! And today we'll be starting off with a vampire I met recently...


Claim to fame: One of the all-powerful Planeswalkers from the trading card game Magic: The Gathering.

Why he's awesome: Sorin Markov here is a sword-wielding, blood-drinking, millennia-living vampire in the Magic: The Gathering universe. If that doesn't sound awesome, I don't know what does. Also, with the exception of big dragon baddie Nicol Bolas, Sorin here is the oldest living planeswalker. In the thousands of years he's traveled he's seen it all, literally, and I bet it tickles him to know there's still more left to discover!

I first encountered Sorin Markov when the Innistrad block came out. Being a fan of the gothic horror setting, I was all over Innistrad like white on rice. And when there's gothic horror, there's bound to be vampires...and Sorin is arguably the biggest vampire of them all!

There's also something about Sorin Markov's nobleness that resonated with me. Because while he may be a blood-sucking creature of the night, Sorin knows the dangers of unbridled excess that vampires are capable of. When Sorin came back to Innistrad and saw that evil grew unchecked and humanity was on the brink of extinction, what does he do? He gives humans an honest-to-goodness angel to guard over them! [highlight for the spoiler]

But don't mistake Sorin's charity for goodness. Humanity is still cattle to him, they're just no use to him dead!

Crowning Moment of Epicness: A millennia ago, Sorin once helped trap the dreaded Eldrazi. Now, Eldrazi aren't just your normal 2-to-cast monster...these abominations are straight-up mind-breakingworld-devouring Cthulhu paradigms. Any lesser man would go NOPENOPENOPE out of that plane lickedy-split...but not Sorin. Not only did he help trap these monstrosities where they won't get to destroy again, he even came back without a second thought to stop them from escaping!

Vampire lord. Planeswalking badass. Sorin Markov is a cool character with tons of potential, and how lucky humans are that he's too busy going on epic adventures to think about crushing them under his heel!

Awesomeness level: 

Four out of five Dracula heads

Watch out tomorrow for another vampire vignette. Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is a nice read and you really did your assignment on this one. Though Sorin may not be my favorite planeswalker in MTG, I do like his character flavor-wise. By the way did you get back in the game when Innistrad was still legal in the current format? or just collected cards from Innistrad block?

    1. Thank you so much! I can't help not knowing everything about this magnificent bastard.

      And no, I didn't get back to Magic, unfortunately. I just collected the Innistrad block. :) Lord knows how much I suck at competitive play that I'd rather just collect these things :))