Dark Lich's Linkblog: Papercraft edition!

These days, comics and toys are getting too expensive for my tastes. But I still want to get my fix of fun, comic-related stuff. Good thing I found something that's fun, creative, and made with nothing more than some of the most abundant and mundane things we have lying around: paper.

For starters, there are some pretty neat paper figures of comic book heroes like Thor and Spider-Man. So called "Ham Headz" because they got Spam can-shaped heads. Fun! All you need is paper, a pair of scissors, and some time to kill. They come out cute though, so it's worth it.

Don't worry, DC fans get some lovin' too. There are papercraft kits of Golden Age DC heroes out there, particularly the Justice Society of America. And from the looks of their joints, they got some damn articulation! How about that?

If you want something a little easier, there's CubeeCraft, a site for cubey, papercraft models of some of the most popular characters in TV, comics and anime. They got a good selection of comic-book related models like Spider-Man, Hellboy and Batman to even movie versions of Iron Man and Joker. I made Iron Man and Spidey already and I'm lovin' them to bits!

If you're the dexterous, high-difficulty making, kit-builder type, you'll love some of the more complex paper builds out there. Some really, really talented dude made a 3d paper model of the mutant-hunting Sentinel. But even that pales in comparison to this amazing paper model of the movie Iron Man's armor...I'm crying right now seeing how fucking awesome it is and how my shaky hands won't be able to make that gorgeous piece of art!

How about a 1:2 scale model of Thor's hammer Mjolnir? I saw the pic included and said to myself, "This shit needs to be life-sized."

So I made it that way.

And for the grand finale.. a choice between the 1960's Batmobile from the Batman TV show, and the Tumbler from Batman Begins. Totally buildable, totally awesome.

If these don't keep you busy, I don't know what will. Papercrafting is fun, and most of all...it's totally free! So get printing and start 'crafting already!

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  1. Hi Niel, welcome to the blog!

    I've only known of Toy-A-Day now, and yes, he's just one of the tons of the people doing papercraft art right now. Real talented guys all of them.

  2. I knew it was only a matter of time until someone built Mjolnir full size. :) Nice job! Do you mind if I post the photo on my blog?

  3. @Tektonten

    Welcome to the blog! Big fan of your site, sir! And thanks for looking. I don't mind you using the pic at all...I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out myself, sorry if it's a bit low quality though :) Oh and any more comic-related papercraft projects I might have missed? :)

  4. Hey George,
    Thanks for letting me use the photo! Unfortunately, I haven't created any more comic-related papercraft since Mjolnir. But seeing how, like yourself, I am a big comics fan you can be sure there are more on the way. ;) I hope to post a 1:2 scale Marvel papercraft of Blink's Quiver soon.

  5. If your Mjolnir is any indication, I'll be enjoying that next project of yours too. :)

  6. There's also a life sized replica of Hellboy's Samaritan (I did it), you can found it on google, and is pretty awesome, with bullets, rotating barrel, and all