Friday Night Fights: Kapow!

Spacebooger wants it loud, we give it to him! It's time for another Friday Night Fights: KaPow!

I'm going to go against the grain for a moment to bring you something nostalgic. I'm talking about Culture Crash comics, the late and lamented comics anthology that was a massive hit for teens in the Philippines during the early 2000s. Here's a hit from One Day, Isang Diwa #5.5, from their out-of-continuity issue.

Here, a guy is assaulted by a member of Samahan Para kay Clarissa, a fanatical group of students who worship the eponymous Clarissa, supposed the most beautiful girl on campus, and will do anything to protect her from scrapes to even suitors*! They didn't take kindly to this guy making a drawing of their precious Clarissa, and so...

One Day Isang Diwa
Oh no you didn't!

And what follows is probably the hardest hit ever heard in Culture Crash history.

One Day Isang Diwa
You just don't hurt girls in front of this guy. You just don't.

*Don't laugh. There are kids like this out there. Scary thought.

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