Friday Night Fights: Kapow!

What started with Bahlactus, SpaceBooger continues! It's Friday Night Fights: KaPOW!, and better late than never, I'd say! So let's throw down with a character near and dear to my heart!

So before he became a mutant shaman tripping balls all over the world, X-Man was a vagabond mutant psychic, trying to find his place in the world while trying to save everyone in it, as evidenced by X-Man #31, from the minds of guest creative team Mark Bernardo and Rick Leonardi.

The set up here is that our hero stumbles upon the offspring of the sick union of a human and a Dire Wraith...HYBRID! His dad was a Dire Wraith who got used to living on Earth and decided to live his life in peace. He bore a son, a mutant hybrid of Dire Wraith and human who discovered his evil nature, and saying "eff this!", offed his parents in a bit of hormonal rage!

Fortunately for Nate, the last vestige of innocence and purity was locked away in Hybrid's psyche! And so, with a bit of wonky power absorption and cheesy dialogue, we get this....

...the sweet, sweet sound of flambéed Dire Wraith.

Never mess with innocence and purity, or it will fuck you the hell up. Just ask Nate!

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  1. Thanks for having this posting George. I just recently found out about Hybrid having appeared in this issue after having thought that ROM Annual #3 was his final appearance. Being a big ROM fan I really wanted to find out more about this issue and your post gave me a pretty good idea how it went. It seemed like kind of a nice story but not quite the Hybrid we remember from the 80s.

  2. Welcome to the site, David! I'm glad the post was useful to you. :) This issue was my first exposure to Hybrid so I may not have much to say except about what happens to him in this issue. I didn't realize he was more than a just a cameo character here in X-Man! If you still need more info all you need is ask. :)

    Commented on your blog too!

  3. Hey George, i just got done responding on my blog to the comment you left. Hybrid was quite the bad ass in the ROM series. kinda like Namor in that he was half human and half something else but waaaaaay more powerful then either. you know about this mostly already but among his powers was shape shifting, super human strength, a wide range of psionic powers and even sorcery. if you haven't seen it yet i have a posting entry that basically lists everybody in the Marvel universe who's ass Hybrid has kicked (Rogue, Colossus & Prof. X among others) and in general what an evil s.o.b he was. you can see it at:

    in the next day or two i'm going to be posting about the similarities between Hybrid and Mel Gibson. if your in need of a good laugh you'll want to check it out.

  4. Hey George, it's exactly 9 PM in california right now and i can see from the blog stats that a certain someone in the Philippines is looking at my blog right now. ain't it cool how the internet brings people together?

  5. It certainly is, David :) I'll be doing some Halloween stuff in the blog this October so it's gonna get pretty scary here. :)