Webcomics I Love: Looking for Group

There are tons of video game-based webcomics out there, some of them are uber-popular like 8-Bit Theater or Penny Arcade. But while they may provide some slivers of entertainment now and then, they lose by virtue of not having an undead warlock character that nonchalantly rips people's faces off or burns down villages while singing Disney classics, which is what is expertly provided by my new fave webcomic, Looking for Group.

It's by the same guys who made Least I Could Do, and it's mighty fun. It basically reads like an extended Warcraft 3 skirmish, only with good night elves and undead warlocks who find it funny to see people walk around without their heads attached to their necks. Trust me when I say that Richard the undead warlock is probably the most hilarious webcomic character ever written!

Looking For Group
Oh and don't forget to click on their Animation link, where they have some fully animated shorts of Richard singing Disney tunes while ravaging a peasant village. Check out Slaughter Your World and find yourself unable to breathe for about 6 minutes!

Good lord, all this time wasted talking and talking when you could be tasting all the gooey, undead goodness of Looking for Group right now!

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