Webcomics I Love: One Swoop Fell

A young - shall we say - aviatically challenged bird falls one afternoon from a great height into the paws of a friendly bear named Topo. Over a rather shaky introduction, we learn the bird’s name is Swoop, and that he’s fallen from a mysteriously large tree — a tree that Topo has somehow overlooked despite its size.

The seemingly simple task of helping Swoop get back home will undoubtedly lead the two on a series of grand adventures, meeting friends and making rivals along the way.

And with those two sentences, we are introduced to another Webcomic I Love, One Swoop Fell.

I just discovered this on the weekend and I've been enjoying it ever since. Swoop is probably the cutest bird to ever grace the Web, and right now I'm starting to notice my propensity for enjoying comics with bears in them. It's kind of hard to resist, given that the quality of the art is really top notch. The writing is great, oftentimes poignant, oftentimes silly, and it just breathes so much life into the characters. It's an ongoing story, so you will find yourself coming back over and over just to see what happens next. And since I post these sorts of things on a Wednesday, you just might catch the latest installment in their adventures.

Don't make me tell you twice, guys. Start enjoying an awesome webcomic right now by clicking on the link below!

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