D&D Miniatures Changes for 2009...and beyond!


Wizards recently made an announcement regarding their plans for D&D Miniatures in 2009. See the article here.

They now plan to release two themed sets, D&D Heroes and D&D Monsters. D&D Heroes is the Wizards of the Coast's answer to all the fans who have been clamoring for more PC (player character) figures in D&D Minis. They'll come in 3 packs and with a clear plastic window so you'll know what you're getting. D&D Monsters is for the DMs wanting more monsters to use for their adventures. This set is going to be sold via 5-figure boosters, but is semi randomized...like so:

Releasing in Spring 2009, the first D&D Monsters set is called Monster Manual: Dangerous Delves. This will be a 40-miniature set containing both medium and large sized figures. Each semi-randomized “booster” box contains 5 minis: 1 visible figure, 1 rare figure, 1 uncommon figure and 2 common figures, as well as full-color D&D Dungeon Delve stat cards for each miniature. MSRP $14.99.

It looks like they took off from the idea of Wizkids' Heroclix Batman: Alpha line, what with the figure visible through a clear plastic window. From what I understand, WOTC is shifting focus from skirmishers (the ones who play D&D Minis for skirmish battles) to the pen and paper RPGers, who have been the biggest supporters of the game from the start and apparently the ones who spend the most on this hobby.

This line, however, floored me:

Upon the release of D&D Monsters and D&D Heroes, we will no longer package the D&D Miniatures line in its current configuration (fully randomized booster packs and huge packs). This means that November’s set -- D&D Miniatures: Demonweb -- will be the final release sold in fully randomized booster packs.

Talk about major, major changes! Demonweb will be the final set to be fully randomized. Meaning from that point on, the next D&D Minis sets will be sold via 'visible figure' boosters! Shoulda kept my Dungeons of Dread boosters in mint condition...

However, my only major pique is that all the sets after Demonweb will be in 5-figure boosters...but with the same price tag as the current 8-figure ones! It's insane, but I'm hoping this equates to better looking paintjobs and sculpts. Hoping. Either way I'm already having some second and third thoughts about continuing to purchase this game based on that point.

The ramifications of these decisions are too big to dwell upon on just one blog post, so I'll just let you guys discuss what you want about it in the newly embedded comment box that Blogger has graciously installed for us blogger folk.

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