Lovin' me some Marvel Essentials!

I just had a revelation.

I will never find anything with the level of value for money that the Marvel Essentials has.

For those not in the know, Essentials are trade paperback collections of Marvel Comics reprints printed in black and white (I was a bit skeptical by this, but then realized I still get my money's worth in stories!). They range from 450-600 pages and they're a veritable study in comics history.

Marvel Essentials: Avengers vol. 4, contains 28 stories including the much maligned Kree-Skrull War being described in today's comics via Secret Invasion.

I've largely ignored those phonebook sized...well, books on the top of shelves of Fully Booked or Powerbooks, but they also had me curious. As a big comic book fan, I was interested in reading the classics I missed just for being born in the wrong generation. I also thought they were hella expensive (which experience taught me that thick=expensive) given the sheer size of them. But when I found out I'm getting as good as 30-40 comics/stories at the price of what I could only get 6-7 comic pamphlets for these days, I quickly changed my mind and decided to snap one up. I got the Marvel Essentials: Avengers vol. 4, simply because it was the thickest one I saw and hey...it was the Avengers! Now every day I can't wait to get home early because I still have one more unread story waiting for me there!

I mean, with more than 500 pages, a ton of stories, at a price that's basically a steal? Full runs of classic comics? I don't care who you are, don't tell me this doesn't make your mouth water at the slightest?

It's cheap, it's accessible, it's fun. More than I could say about most comics (not all though, but they're certainly trying!). Now for me to save up some more to buy another one. But which one?

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  1. My first Essential was FF #3 a few months back and I don't regret it for a moment. Arguably one of the greatest runs in comic book history - Lee and Kirby at their finest.

  2. Hai anon! Welcome to the blog! Yeah, the Lee-Kirby team was totally legendary. I might have to check out that one and other Stan Lee early runs from Essentials. Though I'm partial to finishing up the other Avengers essentials. Glad I'm not the only one who loves this stuff!