Knives Out Movie Review

Rian Johnson's brainchild Knives Out is a murder mystery movie that's wicked fun, stylish without being full of itself, and shows an incredible love for the genre.

Knives Out is a prime example of what director Rian Johnson is capable of without a mega-corporation's shadow over him. Working entirely on his own original script, Johnson has crafted a fun movie that keeps the tropes of all those classic whodunits but attacks them at an axis no one else has tried. You'd think you know all about the eccentric millionaire dead in his creepy mansion, or about the guilty-as-hell suspects he calls his "family", but Johnson injects just enough swerves and surprises to keep you on your toes. The man knows his whodunits, and its refreshing to see a movie of its kind that respects its audience's intelligence.

The ensemble cast is a hoot. Daniel Craig shines as supersleuth Benoit Blanc, whose Southern gentleman Sherlock schtick never gets old. Chris Evans goes against type as spoiled rich brat Ransom Drysdale, a character with a punchable face and even more punchable personality. Ana de Armas is practically unrecognizable as Marta Cabrera, the millionaire's personal nurse whose role in this entire mystery has to be seen to be believed. The rest of the kooky cast of characters is like a who's who of Hollywood heavy hitters, and they breathe so much life to these slimy dramatis personæ that watching stars like Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, and Michael Shannon chew scenery is worth the price of admission alone.

Who knew a whodunit could still have a place in modern cinema? For someone like me who is a huge fan of mystery and detective stories, Knives Out is satisfying from start to finish. More movies like this, Hollywood. Please!

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  1. Not a boring second from the movie at all! This was great story telling overall ;)