Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Wave Doctor Doom Figure Review

Greetings, fools! It is I, Marvel Legends Doctor Doom, here to review an attempt by a toy company called Hasbro to recreate my superior self from ABS/PVC plastic. I do not hold any expectations, for everyone falls short in Doom's eyes. Nevertheless, I have sent George and his poor excuse for writing skills to the Latverian rice fields to toil under the sun, for there is no one better to talk about Doom than Doom himself!

I, Marvel Legends Doctor Doom, stand at around 6 inches tall, standard for most action figures of this scale but bigger than most, as is required. As you can see, even Stephen Strange looks ridiculously microscopic beside me! My proportions are ideal, and Hasbro has captured my likeness well. It is appropriately imposing, so much that even that fool RICHAAARDS will cower at the sight of me!

I applaud the sculptor and painter of Marvel Legends Doctor Doom, for they have taken care to include all the details important to Doom. From the sculpting of my magnificent armor to the folds of my tunic to the sharp edges of my iconic mask, there's no doubt that Marvel Legends Doctor Doom makes Hasbro's previous attempt look like a lame Doombot!

Marvel Legends Doctor Doom's articulation is plentiful, so I can gesture in a myriad of ways that result in RICHAAARDS' demise. However, my plastic tunic is too rigid to allow the articulation in my legs from exerting its full potential, and my majestic cape disallows full use of my neck's articulation. Unfortunate, but this does hinder me. I can wipe RICHAAARDS from this universe where I stand!

I come with accessories appropriate for someone of my stature. My famous sidearm, a Mauser pistol, is holstered at my side ready to be brought to bear against anyone unworthy of the use of my full power. It's sculpted in soft black plastic, and my hand has a firm grip on it, as I should.

More hands! Alternate hands sculpted in two closed fists are ideal for when RICHAAARDS would be idiotic enough to, pardon the vernacular, "throw hands" with Doom. My one-two punch of intellect and superior might will lay waste to any who stand in my way!

An alternate head is also included, one that portrays what some would call my "classic" look. The first mask I wore to hide my scars is sculpted well, and is ideal for those of you who would much prefer how I looked like during my early battles against RICHAAARDS and his pitiful family. But bah, Doom cares not for the past, for a superior mind such as mine only looks ever forward!

Marvel Legends Doctor Doom is included in a Build-a-Figure wave, meaning separate parts of a larger figure are included with each figure in the wave, which you must collect to essentially build a "seventh" figure. This wave is the Super-Skrull wave, and so I am included with the left leg of Kl'rt, the Super-Skrull. Doom is intrigued by this "Build-a-Figure" concept, and it would only be a matter of time before I can bring the Super-Skrull under my command!

I commend this Hasbro for attempting to capture my eminence. However, the articulation issues prevent Marvel Legends Doctor Doom from becoming anything more than a simulacrum of my greatness. But for those of you looking for the definitive Doom action figure, even I would have to say this is the best Hasbro has done so far.

George may care if you found this review helpful, but Doom cares not! For Doom knows you will buy me regardless due to the phenomenon known as F.O.M.O.! Now begone from me! Go and find my action figure at your nearest department store or toy provider, while I continue to plot my next plan to destroy RICHAAARDS and the "Fantastic" Four once and for all!

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