Transformers Studio Series 38 Optimus Prime Review

The one thing I hate about Transformers Studio Series-38 Optimus Prime is that we had to wait this long to have a G1-inspired movie Prime. I mean, you mean tell me we could have gotten G1-inspired designs from the get-go and you just didn't wanna? For shame! Still, I'm glad the powers-that-be saw the error of their ways and gave us the movie Optimus Prime toy we deserved...the very toy I will be reviewing today!

Standing at 7 inches tall, Studio Series 38 Optimus Prime is typical of the Voyager size class. I would wish him to be bigger, but here we are. As with every fig in the Studio Series line, Optimus Prime was designed to be as movie-accurate as possible, and so Hasbro packed a lot of detail in this figure that you would probably see on-screen. I especially liked the torso sculpting, with all the silver mechanisms and detailing, giving this Optimus Prime toy that realistic feel.

Studio Series 38 Optimus Prime is packed with articulation you don't usually see in Transformers toys. The hips have incredible range and motion, giving Optimus the ability to pull off a convincing kneeling pose. There's also a welcome waist swivel and ankle rokers for even more posing options! This is an Optimus who wouldn't be caught dead standing like a brick in the heat of battle.

With simple transformations being in vogue recently, It feels damn good to know that Studio Series 38 Optimus Prime requires a whopping 35 steps to transform convert! I love puzzles myself, and I have to say converting this figure into either mode is a welcome challenge. It's just a shame that some parts (especially in the legs, which is apparently a common issue) don't peg into each other right or pop apart way too easily. There are a LOT of fiddly, come-apart-y things with this fig, and I won't blame you if you get frustrated transforming him the first few times.

Studio Series 38 Optimus Prime converts into a nondescript flatnose truck just as God intended. The detail is great, and the silver paint mimicking the familiar G1 livery brings it all together. The truck mode is a tad small for a voyager-class figure, unfortunately. Rising cost of plastics, everyone!

Accessory wise, Studio Series 38 Optimus Prime comes with the only accessory that matters: his iconic Ion Blaster. Only this time, it's updated for modern sensibilities. The familiar rear end design of the gun is still there, but now the entire gun is longer and definitely meaner looking. It's even got a magazine that's begging to be emptied into stinkin' Decepticons. This is the gun of a soldier who ain't looking to forgive.

And as with all Studio Series toys, Optimus Prime here comes with a cardboard stage and backdrop, in this case a shot of the San Francisco Bridge. Very nice! 

The moment Optimus Prime made his explosive appearance during the first five minutes of the Bumblebee movieI knew we had something special in our hands, and it was only a matter of time before Hasbro saw his money-printing potential. Transformers Studio Series 38 Optimus Prime is an amazing toy of a character in much need of updating, and I'm sure he'll find himself leading may different Transformers displays before long!

He's been out in stores for the past few months but it's only come out of Philippine toy store shelves a few weeks ago. If you can find a way to get him for retail, do so and fast.

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