Mezco Thor Ragnarok Hulk Figure Review

How long will you wait for a toy you like? Months? Years? Did you know I pre-ordered Mezco ToysOne:12 Collective Thor Ragnarok Hulk figure last 2017? I almost forgot I ordered the damn thing. That's a long-ass wait for an action figure. But now it's in my hands and I gotta tell's worth the wait.

One word escaped my mouth when I took him out of the box: "Wow." The Mezco Ragnarok Hulk is a piece of action figure art. The body itself is well-proportioned unlike some of the other figures of the One:12 Collective line, and the attention to detail on a figure this size is absurd. From the pitted and well-worn texture of the "metal" parts, the textured "skin" with realistic veins, the crisp and well-applied paint, to the intricate designs of his leather armor, Hulk here is a sight to behold.

Hasbro, Bandai, and Diamond Select have all taken a shot at this version of Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok, giving us well-articulated action figures that are fun to pose and play with. However, Mezco Thor Ragnarok Hulk is leaning more into "collectible figure" than toy. With only ball-jointed shoulders and hips, hinged swivel knees and elbows, as well as ball-jointed neck, ankles. and waist, Mezco Hulk won't be high-kicking or showing off his flexibility anytime soon.

The joints have good range though, and you can get some pretty good "museum" poses out of him, again emphasizing the focus on making a good-looking display figure than a toy you give your kids to battle their Marvel Legends toys. The box and instructions even emphasize and reiterate at every opportunity that this isn't a children's toy but rather an adult collectible, and should be judged (and handled) as such.

I've always been iffy about Mezco and their ability to make soft goods like costumes and armor look good at the 1:12 scale. Judging from what I've seen, I'm not really a fan of their 6-inch figures looking like dolls with their costumes with hilariously large stitching. But Mezco Ragnarok Hulk is a perfect example of how to do soft goods right. The intricate detailing on the leather parts of Hulk's armor has to be seen to be believed. Every time I turn this toy over I see another detail that blows me away.

Mezco Ragnarok Hulk comes with cool accessories that just bring this fig over the top. He's got open-palmed grasping hands, gripping hands that let him hold his signature hammer and axe (both included), and an alternate helmet-free head that's simmering with pent-up rage over being sent to an alien planet via the Devil's Anus. I quite like the alternate head, but I wish the helmet was a separate accessory so I could display Hulk with the faces of my choice.

Don't be afraid to mix Mezco Ragnarok Hulk with your Marvel Legends MCU display. As part of Mezco's One:12 Collective line, the figure is scaled just right. This big burly boy is an awesome sight as he towers over other 6-inch figures, just as Hulk is meant to do!

I'm sure you're asking: is Mezco Hulk worth it at over 100USD? Knee-jerk reaction would say "Hell no." The Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure version is perfectly fine and at a third of the price. But I guess the better question would be: how much are you willing to pay for a good Gladiator Hulk figure? With the S.H.Figuarts version of Gladiator Hulk already at 150USD (holy shit), and the Hot Toys version prohibitively more expensive than that, I feel that Mezco's is a nice middle ground for a richly-detailed display piece. To me, One:12 Collective Thor Ragnarok Hulk is an incredibly-detailed and and well-made collectible figure that would be a great display piece for any Hulk collector.

Here's hoping this will be the last time I wait for a toy for this long! I hope this review helped sway you towards the awesomeness of Mezco Hulk. Thanks for reading!

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