Marvel Legends Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Figure Review

You can never have too many Iron Man armors. Tony Stark should know...he builds a heck of a lot of these like paper cranes. But will the Mark 42 grant your wish for an awesome Iron Man toy?

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I admit, at first I also found the Mark 42 design to be weird, and I joined in the fanboy choruses of "Too much gold!" But watching Iron Man 3 gave me a new-found appreciation for this new armor. Just in time too, because the Marvel Legends Iron Man 3 wave finally arrived in the Philippines, resulting in this Mark 42 action figure review you'll be reading today!

The Mark 42 is sleeker, sexier than previous Iron Man movie armors, owing to the fact that it's designed to be lighter and more compact than previous ones. It's also the most intricate-looking armor we've seen so far, and Hasbro translated it very well in toy form. The Mark 42 figure is a brand-new sculpt, with lots of sculpted details, from the intricate design of his chest armor to the little lines around his face plate, and overall he looks hella cool even just standing there!

One thing that takes points off of him is that the paint job isn't as crisp or clean as I hoped it would be. Some parts of the figure, especially the legs, already have nicks and scratches on the gold parts. That, or the paint rubs or scratches off too easily. I hope it's not the case, but it's something you should look out for.

And man, can this bad boy move. The Mark 42 has all the articulation found in the previous Iron Man 6-inch movie figures and then some. He's got a hinged neck that allows him to look up and down convincingly. His ball-hinged shoulders are ratcheted for some reason, making sure whatever pose you put his arm in stays that way. And his legs have all the articulation needed to pull off some amazing poses.

Also, he can do...The Pose! You know which one!

Not only that, but he's also got rocker ankles! I took out my totem to see if I was dreaming, but no...the Mark 42 does indeed have rocker ankles. All's right with the world.

Another surprise about the Mark 42 figure is that it's actually bigger than the previous Iron Man 6-inch movie figures! Mark 42 here is a smidge taller than his big brother Mark 6, seen here in a side-by-side comparison.  I would have thought that for armor as modular as the Mark 42 that it'd be smaller and tighter on Tony than his older armors, but I guess Tony's a growing boy.

There's something about the Mark 42 that just screams action, and I'm sure he'll see a lot of display time in anyone's collection or desk/workstation. Even the Avengers Hulk wants a piece of him!

The Marvel Legends Iron Man 3 line has a BAF (Build-A-Figure) piece included in every figure. In this case, Mark 42 comes with the right arm of the Iron Man baddie Iron Monger. The arm's appropriately huge, and if I was a big fan of Iron Monger I would have gotten every single figure in the wave to complete him. Good thing I wasn't, coz toy collecting's expensive!

Bottom line, the Marvel Legends Iron Man 3 Mark 42 action figure is a great-looking toy. With this figure, the previously-meh armor is now awesome in my eyes, and I'm glad to add him to my collection!

He's available in toy stores now, but better hurry...the insane popularity of Iron Man 3 will ensure you won't see this toy around for long!

I hope you found this review useful! Comments? Suggestions? Leave me a message via the comment box below and let's talk about it! Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Awesome review! Now I'm interested to check out this figure hehe.. I find the eyes a little distracting though.. I wonder why they went with that color.

    1. Hi Mark and welcome to the blog! I've read your MWIP strips last year...really funny and heartwarming stuff! I'm honored to have a person of your caliber visit here :)

      Now that you mention it, it's probably the plain blue-ness of the eyes that look iffy. Cost-cutting perhaps? :D Personally, it looks fine...but I do admit a little white highlight would have made the eyes more expressive :)