Become Earth's Most Fragrant Heroes with The Avengers Cologne

Ever dreamed of becoming your favorite super heroes? We all did. But is there anyone who dreamed of smelling like one? Because that dream comes true right now.

A company called Jads International, LLC. apparently tied up with Marvel to produce a line of colognes based on the upcoming superhero movie The Avengers. Yes, you heard right. Perfumes that smell of Earth's Mightiest Heroes are soon to be a reality!

It's absolutely amazing how we came to this, and equally amazing why nobody thought to do this before. Smelling like superheroes? Who doesn't want that? Some of the scents are pretty straightforward, like the "reserved and sexy" scent of Patriot (based on Captain America). But then we get the ones like Smash (the one based on the Hulk) and suddenly your mind explodes. What does a ton of green, sweaty, hormonal rage smell like?

On second thought, that might just be my signature scent after all...

You can find out more about the other heroic variants (before you, Mark VII does not smell of self-importance and vodka) in the Jads International website.

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