Dark Lich's Linkblog: Money Sink Edition!

It sucks to be a geek's wallet right now.

The last week alone was bursting with news about fun and exciting stuff to spend your money on. From toys to full-scale replicas, the world is giving us great reasons to subsist on cup noodles and water for the next few months!

For starters, Magic: The Gathering's latest expansion, Dark Ascension, is coming out this February 3. I'm so easy I put down wads of dough for a booster box, but if you're not as easy as me, you can check out the full list of cards at Wizards' Dark Ascension Card Image Gallery before taking the plunge.

Oh hey, Good Smile Company is putting out a sweet-ass Figma of Samus Aran from Metroid: Other M! And it comes with her Morph Ball form! Oh hey, my wallet's crying! Unfortunately for it, my love for shiny things compels me to buy this figure, which you can also do with this preorder link from AmiAmi.

Finally, CBR reports that eFX Inc. will be making collectible prop replicas based on the upcoming The Avengers movie! Get to wield Cap's shield, and even wear Thor's helmet that he wore for all 20 seconds that it was onscreen! Are you ready to plunk down more than a thousand dollars for these babies? With that sweet, sweet shield, it's mighty tempting to do so!

Enjoy the links! As for me, I'm off to find other means of monetary compensation...

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