Iron Man 2 Movie Review


It seemed everyone and their dog was waiting for Iron Man 2. All the toys, the shirts, the Java games, all of them were just there to pave the streets for the arrival of one of the most anticipated comic book movies of the year, if not of this very decade.

But when I got out of the cinema after watching Iron Man 2, all I could think of was "It was...okay."

A movie of this caliber is not supposed to be 'just okay'. Hell, anything in life for that matter is not supposed to be 'just okay'. But after the explosions and the ScarJo and the nerdgasms I got seeing War Machine come to life on the big screen, I could have been better.

Justin Hammer just became a means to an end. Black Widow was just there to look hot. Nick Fury was just channeling Shaft. And Whiplash, despite having a motive so powerful and almost justified, was reduced to a one-off villain who's Big Plan to bring down Stark Industries amounted to a couple of cut up F1 race cars and robot drones reduced to scrap heap by a powerhouse team up of Iron Man and War Machine.

You never even get to sympathize with Stark here despite the threats to his company's name and to his very life knocking on all doors. Everything is just neatly resolved (at one point Stark creates an entirely new element from scratch.. The box of scraps from the cave are feeling like shit right now), and Stark picks up the pieces of his shattered life just in time to bust up some bad guys in the Mark VI armor.

But it's not all disappointing. There was still charm and awesomeness left in Iron Man 2's bucket. Stark's dicking around during the senate hearing was priceless, the tsundere banter between Stark and Pepper Potts was amusingly done, and I've never wanted to own high-tech armor so bad whenever the Mark VI and War Machine came on the screen kicking all sorts of ass. People complained there wasn't enough "iron" in the first Iron Man film, but I can safely say you better bring an extra pair of pants, especially during the climactic final battle, where Iron Man just tears everybody a new one.

It's convoluted, it's retarded, it's funny, it's awesome, it's everything all at once. All the explosions and the characters and the CGI was just there to drive the plot to its (il)logical conclusion: that Iron Man just got serious upgrades, and woe to anyone who stands in his way. Iron Man 2 is awesome in its comic book way, but as a sequel, the first movie makes it look like it never upgraded at all.

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