RIP Frank Frazetta

Reports are in that Frank Frazetta, legendary artist whose work practically defined the imagery of high fantasy and science fiction, died of a stroke today. He was 82.

My friend over at the Killah Kamikaze blog would be heartbroken with this news. We were both big fans, and our favorite pieces of art from Frazetta was his Death Dealer paintings. I admired how his work married gritty realism with stylish elegance; his musclebound men and scantily-clad women may have their skin caked with blood and dirt, skulking around in old caves and dungeons, but they'll look classier than any nobleman.

Frazetta has left behind a legacy of incalculable awesomeness, and the realm of high fantasy will never be the same without him.

Rest in Peace, Master Frazetta. I'll leave you with a quote I found that seems awfully apt.

"Today is the passing of kings. Aye, and more than kings."
- Robert E. Howard

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