Darklich's Link Blog: Heroclix Edition!

Man, 2010 is a good year to be a Heroclix fan.

It's just been announced that WK/NECA is planning to release a set of clix based on one of the most influential graphic novels of our time, Alan Moore's Watchmen! Or at least, the movie version of it.

At the Wizkids Blog, there are pics of CG sculpts of the figs to come out of this set like the Comedian and Silk Spectre. Check out the link and PLEASE tell me I wasn't the only one laughing at the concept of a "14-inch Dr. Manhattan".

To be honest, I'm impressed at how much Wizkids is on a roll, with Hammer of Thor already hitting the tabletops of geeks everywhere, and to follow up on that is the upcoming Brave and the Bold expansion, featuring lots and lots and lots of duo figs. Check out some of the previews in this link.

And since I'm such a poor shit that I didn't get to grab the last Starter Set (which was the Fantastic Four Starter from Marvel), I'm just happy to know that WK/NECA has also been releasing previews of the next Starter Set, based on the currently-running DC event, Blackest Night. I just love what I'm seeing so far, and I'm not afraid to say its taking all of my willpower just to keep myself from squeeing like the little girl that I am. I just hope the damn starter gets here and I get to buy it or I will totally rage.

Now, if I can just find someone to play clix with me.

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