Have you ever gone swimming in a sea of garbage?

It had to happen sooner or later, didn't it?

Manny Villar manga
Someone shared with me scans from the Manny Villar manga currently circulating Lord knows where right now.

You heard me right.

Manny. Villar. Manga.

Manny Villar manga
Now, news like this isn't exactly new. Lots of presidentiables in the past have had komiks made about their life stories before, with old-school art and dialogue that reads straight out of Hiwaga or Sindak Komiks. But to see manga tropes being used to dramatize the life of a self-made millionaire-slash-presidentiable is either an exploitation of the medium...or a stroke of genius.

Seriously, can you imagine when, like, Manny Pacquiao runs for Congressman again? We might get a manga about his life, the sort of comic Hajime no Ippo could only dream of being!

Man, now I want a mahou shoujo Loren Legarda manga.

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  1. Hey. beej here (bf of sister's friend - not sure you'll remember me). Anyway, just posting to let you know that this I linked this post on my facebook. XD

  2. Welcome to the blog, beej. Thanks for the link! Hope you enjoy the rest of the site!