My Week in Comics: October 10, 2008

My Week in Comics is a weekly look into my…uh…buying habits. Keep in mind that the reviews to be read here are not coming from a jaded, old comic book enthusiast but more of a wide-eyed fan of these monthly installments of yum or mush.

Well, that was two weeks without My Week in Comics, and I totally apologize. I didn't get to say what I thought of last week's Nova #17 (though given how much I love this title and how consistently awesome it's been, the verdict is obvious) and Secret Six #1. Still, water under the bridge. Time to review the comics I did get this week!


Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Salvador Larocca
Colors: Frank D'Armata
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

What's in it: I totally called it! Tony punks Stane with his remote-controlled armor trick, and now its just Stark, Stane and a smattering of handy debris for the fate of millions!

Why you should care: Writer Matt Fraction caps off this storyarc with a brawl-for-all that ends with Stark stripping to his undies and giving Stane a curbstomping he won't soon forget! It's a badass scene that shows Stark doesn't need no high-tech, fancy-schmancy armor to beat villains seven ways to Sunday! Larocca and the creative team step up their game (minimal chocolatey characters, at least.) with great visuals, and the fact that I love the different Iron Man armors in this issue.

Why you might not: Anything short of nitpicking? Not that I know of. It's that good

Quote of the moment: Tony's "Your dad was smarter than you. And harder to beat." Stane couldn't even think of a comeback for that one!

Overall: A solid read all throughout. Guess I won't be dropping this anytime soon. And neither should you. 9/10


Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Bernard Chang
Colors: Kanila Tripp
Letters: Travis Lanham
Cover by: Aaron Lopresti

What's in it: Wonder Woman's visit to the set of her own movie goes downhill as the Queen of Fables (mistaking Wondy as the legendary Snow White...maybe) takes sweet, sweet revenge on our hero. Can Diana survive bad rewrites, hammy acting, and the Queen's deadly machinations?

Why you should care: It's got Wonder Woman commenting on the woefully apparent awefulness of her would-be movie! It also has her kicking copious ass and taking names! Makes you wonder what exactly the Queen of Fables was smoking to think she can go head to head with someone trained in 'ambidextrous dual axe technique'!

Why you might not: The movie parody scenes, while hilarious, didn't do much in the way of story, save for giving Diana a migraine. And the Queen of Fables comes off as a laughable villain using cheap tricks for no reason than to pique.

Quote of the moment: It's a tie between Wondy's "This thing is going to be the biggest bomb in film history" and everything else she says in this issue. Writer Gail Simone really knows how to quip, doesn't she?

Overall: This issue reminds me of those 'monster of the week' formats some TV shows have. But nonetheless, a done-in-one issue that's a shade above good. 8/10

So what's the verdict? Two great comics this surprise there given the track record of the titles in question. At least its an enjoyable week despite the price increase!

Got any questions, comments or violent reactions? You are more than welcome to leave comments below and discuss anything that might have interested you in this blog post this week. My Week in Comics is now up every Friday. Thanks for reading!

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