4 ON THE FLOOR Week 13: 'Nuff Said!

4 ON THE FLOOR is a weekly look at the history, the passion, and the puzzle that is the Dark Lich's blog. All of it in celebration of it's 4th anniversary.

We're way in the homestretch already towards the 4th anniversary of this blog, and I just can't wait to see what happens next! Who knew that what started off as an afterthought is slowly becoming one of the up and coming acts of the comic book blogosphere?!

Ahem...at least, I'd like to think so.

Now hark, true believers! As you may recall, I have reveled you with tall tales concerning this blithesome blog, but now we turn our attention elsewhere...and elsewhen!

For unbeknownst to the colorful comic book 'blogoshpere' of lore, a mysterious force awakens from its self-induced slumber all those moons ago (specifically, May 4 of 2008, natch.)! It all started simply enough---and negatively!---when the being first known as the Dark Lich 'blogged' about his unfortunate adventures during the day known as Free Comic Book Day!

From then on, the Dark Lich continued to compose his thoughts in daily, almost clock-like fashion, as he realized the true potential his hitherto dying blog had! Some say he simply heeded the words of a wise apparition he met during a self-induced dream, others simply conceded that he finally had broken free from the bonds of writer's block! But what these so-called 'others' did not know what that the Dark Lich simply followed the single golden rule for maintaining successful 'blogs': "write about what you know!"

And write about what he knew indeed! For since time immemorial, the Dark Lich has and always been the lover of these 22-page pamphlets called comic books! And with his love for this very medium guiding his every key stroke, he strove to continue 'blogging' about comic books and the culture of pop in general...all in the mightily marvelous tradition of those that came before him!

And the rest, as they say, is history! Just as history will soon go verily down, for we now count down to the final days, the final hours leading up to the 4th anniversary of this very blog! Join us again on Thursday for the stunning conclusion, and raucous celebration of 4 ON THE FLOOR!

Till then, face front, true believer!

Okay, so maybe I got hung up on Roy Thomas' mirthful speech from reading my newly acquired Marvel Essentials: Avengers vol. 4. Still, there's no better person to ape than the protege of Stan "The Man" himself! See you in 4 days, people! 4 years don't just bloom out of nowhere, you know!

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