COMICS NEWS: Daily News Spoils all-new Action

*SPOILER ALERT!* This post contains spoilers to Action Comics #870, which should probably be out on the Philippines today (Thursday)*SPOILER ALERT!*

Talk about major spoilage.

I'm betting there will be lots of backlash for this, both for the early spoilage of a major event and for what was done to the character in question.

Personally, I've never read Superman comics aside from "Death of..." and a couple of annuals here and there, so this development is little news to me. From what I've gathered, this character has died like twice already. I guess the time when he accompanied Superman through the realm of the dead isn't considered a death. I do like what the writer had to say about the man, though.

"If baby Kal-El had fallen in the hands of a lesser man, the world would be a lesser place."

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Thanks to Comic Book Resources for the head's up on this story.

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