Webcomics I love: Daisy Owl

Last week I introduced you to some of the webcomics I found and loved, which are Sinfest and Dork Tower. Today I'm going to talk about a fresh, new webcomic, barely past its 50th strip, but is already gaining a following for its sweet home truths and cute art.

I'm talking about Daisy Owl (http://www.daisyowl.com), the webcomic that has the makings of a classic. It stars the weirdest bunch of characters you could possibly find in a webcomic. There's Daisy, a little girl who, along with her brother Cooper, happens to have a real live owl as a dad.

There's also Steve, a bear who lost touch with his bear roots and tries really hard to study bear talk, with hilarious results.

Did I mention Steve is one of the most dapper-looking bears in webcomics today?

Daisy Owl's creator Ben Driscoll has managed to make a fan out of me, mainly because of his hilarious dialogue, fantastic art, and the fact that this strip is comedy gold and the most awesome creation ever.

Oh, and Daisy is like the smartest girl in the playground. Go ahead, ask her!

Visit the site! I myself promise you won't be disappointed!

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