4 ON THE FLOOR Week 12: I've fallen and I can't get up!

4 ON THE FLOOR is a weekly look at the history, the passion, and the puzzle that is the Dark Lich's blog. All of it in celebration of it's 4th anniversary.

For months I've been doing 4 ON THE FLOOR, taking you on a scary, sordid and scintillating-ly exciting ride through the different years this blog has been through. Now we go back to the Dark Ages of my blog...the time when posts were virtually non-existent, where this poor blog went to production hell. We now know that age as 2007.

After my great American bash of 2006, I all but forgotten this blog for reasons...uh, forgotten. My first post of 2007 was 4 months in the making, and even then it was just a sarcastic joke of a post for a video project we were doing at work. From there it became a sporadic game of "Guess when I'll post next!" that saw me write a scathing (albeit well written) Harry Potter movie review and an out of context rant that I'd just rather forget. That's a textbook example of killing your blog and whatever's left of your reading public if I ever saw one!

This blog would not see another useful post until mid-2008, seven months later, but from there germinated the seeds of what would become BEHOLD THE GEEK.

But fear not, my growing fanbase! Now that this blog has a definite, defined direction, the seven month waiting period for new material to read will be all but nonexistent! Now aren't you glad you started reading now instead of maybe never?

We're nearing the last leg of our celebration of 4 ON THE FLOOR, so stay glued to that keyboard! The air is crackling with excitement as we speak, so excuse me while I start patting the hairs down on my body from all the static! While I do that, leave a comment if you have something to say about today's blog post by clicking the comment link below!

And yes, I'm totally going to start ending sentences with exclamation points now!

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