Webcomics I Love (and you will too!)

It seems that these days, webcomics are a dime a dozen. Anyone with a pencil, a scanner, Photoshop and a dream can cook one up for all the world to see. Maybe that's why I never got around to reading, much less searching for the stuff during my free time. You just never know the good ones from the bad.

Sometimes, though, I stumble upon a webcomic or two using my mad internet 'research skillz' that make me go, "That's awesome!" and that changed things forever.

And so, every week starting today, I will try to share with you some of the good webcomics I found in the internets. They're funny, they're weird, they're outrageous, and they just might make your list of webcomics worth your time. Because they sure as hell are worth mine!

Sinfest http://www.sinfest.net

I first stumbled on this gem on Tom Spurgeon's side of the fence, and I've been smiling ever since. The hero Slick is a fast-talking, self-proclaimed 'pimp' that's too short for his own good. He also sold his soul to the devil, who's both enigmatic and adorable. God here is, as always, the penultimate jester and sometimes sounding board for everybody. Oh and did I mention Monique, who's the epitome of cuteness and the antithesis of fidelity?

The strip, created by Tatsuya Ishida, may use the cutesy, 'manga' style art and clean lines, but don't let that fool you for one bit. Ishida uses his cute art style to tackle issues like politics, sexuality and religion without making the strip feel all heavy like. It's equal parts of funny and shocking, and some of the stuff is borderline offensive, but when you've got all these cute characters running around commenting on serious issues, who has time to be serious?

Dork Tower http://www.dorktower.com/

God, I just remembered reading this from my friend's old Dragon magazines! But here we have the web version of their comic, which is about gaming and comic book geeks who take their hobbies way too seriously. Way, way too seriously.

I love John Kovalic's quirky art, and his stories really hit home to me, being the big flaming geek that I am. Whether it's debating about 3.5 or 4th ed., or proving teh borkenness of the Galactus Heroclix, I laugh at the gags because it's just so true! But not to worry if you're not into the geek lifestyle (which I sorta doubt since you're reading my blog), you can pick up on the themes very quickly, and you'll find yourself laughing at the jokes with us, your once-removed gaming brethren! Mwahaha!

There you go! Two awesome webcomics just waiting to become your daily habit! Irreverent and hits a little too close to home...and I bet you woudn't have it any other way.

Next week I'll be sharing more webcomics with you guys so be sure to come back! If you have anything to say about the two webcomics I shared, or just want to suggest some other sites, drop me a comment below and let's discuss!

Meanwhile, I'll just drool over Monique for a little longer...

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