Mighty Avengers? You mean MyAvengers!

As proof that I have way too much time on my hands...

I present to you, the all-new, all-different...

click to enlarge, as always.

And yes, I know that this line-up is as fanboy as it can get. But then again, if Marvel decided to form an Avengers group consisting of every single Marvel character I like* **, that would be the time to drop everything else and just buy it religiously till I can't afford to even eat cup noodles anymore.

More on this team's story at another time. Meanwhile, if you want to make up your own superteam in the same manner, you can check out this site that has literally hundreds of .gif's of characters from Marvel to DC to Movies to the extremely bizaare. And maybe you can share with everyone just how awesome you think superteams should be!

Now, off to make a DC version!

*I wanted to put Hercules in there, but I decided that he's more awesome alone on his own book, in the consistently great Incredible Hercules.

**And yes, that is Galactus in the background. And yes, he's part of the team. Let's see who wants to mess with earth now!

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