My Week in Comics: September 12, 2008

My Week in Comics is a weekly look into my…uh…buying habits. Keep in mind that the reviews to be read here are not coming from a jaded, old comic book enthusiast but more of a wide-eyed fan of these monthly installments of yum or mush.

First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE!

Anyway...early isn't it? I finally got around to having my weekly list shipped to Comic Odyssey's sister (literally) store, Planet X Comics at the Trinoma Mall. It's closer to my office, so I can pick up my comics earlier. With this, my reviews will now hopefully be earlier, and will be relevant to you because of it!

You will also notice that I'm trying out a new review format. Just trying to spice up my writing skills and what not. Let's see if this helps you decide better. With that, away we go!


Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Bernard Chang
Inkers: Ray Snyder
Colors: Rob Schwager
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Cover by: Terry and Rachel Dodson

What's in it: Agent Nemesis demonstrates how hard it is to meet the parents...meanwhile, Wonder Woman goes to Hollywood to meet with movie producers wanting to make a movie about her! But it's not all fun and games when an ancient evil decides to force Diana to confront the sins of her past!

Why you should care: Gail Simone has Hippolyta meet her daughter's suitor for the first time, and she could not have played it out any better. Seriously, if your girl's mom, who you know can face down 300 Spartans and an army of Nazi goons with guns all by herself, asks you if you've already had sex with her daughter (before marriage, you curr!), you better make damn sure you know the answer!

Also, Bernard Chang's artwork is as gorgeous as his predecessors. He leaves nothing to be desired, except for more of his Wonder Woman art.

Why you might not: The villain introduced here is portrayed as someone so popular, who seems to have ties to our hero's past that Simone felt she didn't need to name her at all. Also, all the wonky scenes with Hercules, Max Lord (complete with reverse neck action!), and disco (I kid you not) guilt-tripping Wondy felt disjointed and weird that I didn't catch what the hell all that was about. All in all the Hollywood scenes got me scratching my head, which is never good. Otherwise, though, you'll live.

Quote of the moment: "Babies, babies, babies" -- Hippolyta telling Agent Tresser what she wants from Wondy and him. Nice.

Overall: A bit good, if you consider the letdown the last story arc was. Glad to have Simone and co. go back to doing what they do best. 8/10


Writer: Aron E. Coleite, Joe Pokaski
Artist: Dan Panosian, Mark Brooks
Inkers: Danny Miki, Troy Hubbs
Colors: John Rauch with Antonio Fabela
Letters: Albert Deschesne
Cover by: Brandon Peterson

What's in it: The Future Ultimate X-Men travelled to the past and kidnapped Reed Richards of the Ultimate Fantastic Four! The rest of the UFF ask the present day UXM for help, and they...uh...get it. But all is not well with the Future UXM either, as they deal with a traitor among their ranks! But why did they do what they did, and why is it so important to the Ultimate Universe?

Why you should care: It ties in to the upcoming Ultimatum event, so it's important that you read this. It's also got a sweet cover by Brandon Peterson...which is the only reason I picked it up in the first place.

Why you might not: Granted, I've never read anything from Marvel's Ultimate line outside of the Ultimates, but story gets confusing at times. It didn't help that the interior art lent itself to the confusion. Characters are saying something while their facial expressions either say the exact opposite, or overreact altogether. Sue Storm is smiling while saying something completely angry and urgent, and in another panel, after Reed was kidnapped by the future Ultimate X-Men, her expression can only be described as "annoyed", instead of the real fear you expect them to feel after seeing strangers kidnap one of your friends and family. You could practically hear her say "Man, that sucks. We have to rescue him again?"

Quote of the moment: "I'm coming, Reed. I'm coming." -- Ben Grimm running to save his bud from the Future UXM. Which totally does not sound good on paper if you read it out loud.

Overall: If you're an Ultimate Universe fan, this is pretty good. Otherwise, you're better off picking up core titles of said universe if you want the whole story. Oh and Brandon Peterson should totally do a title or two. He draws pretty covers. 6/10

RUNAWAYS/YOUNG AVENGERS #3 (Secret Invasion tie-in)

Writer: Chris Yost
Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa
Colors: Christina Strain
Letters: Joe Caramanga
Cover by: Michael Ryan, Rick Ketcham and Christina Strain

What's in it: The titular teams finally come face to face with Chrell, the one who's hunting down Hulkling, also known as Dorrek, the prophesied savior of the Skrull race. With the rest of the teens either battered or broken by Chrell or the Skrull assassin's hands, its up to Xavin the good Skrull to end this madness once and for all!

Why you should care: Christ Yost has the teens' voices down actually feel for the kids as they face the fight of their lives. Every one gets their own Big Darn Hero moments, and Molly puts up the cutest tantrum ever! The real clincher: the ultimate badass Skrull assassin (hee hee too many asses) gets taken down by a single headbutt to the head, causing Nico to exclaim "No! Seriously, what the hell? Were we supposed to know that Skrulls' secret alien weakness was getting head-butted?!" Actually I kinda agree. And man how sweet that is.

Also, Takeshi Miyazawa really lets loose with his art this issue, and I'm glad for it. I'm a fan of manga, you see, so I'll scoop it up as fast as cookies and cream.

Why you might not: You're obviously wanting to read this because of the titular heroes, so expect a lot of cheesy dialogue. Otherwise, I can see if this isn't your cup of tea.

Quote of the moment: See above. In fact, see the book. It's loaded with these!

Overall: An action packed ending to the kids' participation in the Secret Invasion, and another book that's making the Skrulls look like total cosmic chumps. Bravo, you guys. You just spoiled the ending of the event for me! 8/10


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Leinil Yu, Mark Morales
Colors: Laura Martin, Emily Warren, Christina Strain
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by: Gabrielle Dell'otto

What's in it: Mar-Vell meets Noh-Varr! Skrulls beat up hippies! Nick Fury and friends beat up Skrulls! And now thankfully, every single remaining hero (and some villains!) meets up in New York, coming face-to-face with Veranke and her Skrull Army! It ain't exactly 300, but from the look of things, it's gonna get real bloody real fast! But is there something the Skrull Queen isn't telling us...?

Why you should care: Three names: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor. The Holy Trinity of Marvel stand together to face the Skrull threat, along with possibly every single character in the Marvel Universe. Oh, and I cried seeing Howard the Duck popping up in between Stature's breasts of all places during the big hero splash page. Luckiest. Duck. Ever.

Leinil and the art team kicks their work to high gear with the last few pages, and when all hell breaks loose, you can't help but sit back and just take in the awesome art they've done. I mean come on...Skrull Galactus? Genius.

And wait, are those Initiative guys copping a feel with the giant Cassie Lang? Ikaw talaga, Leinil! :D

Why you might not: This book is nothing but bits of plot threads being brought together to set up the obviously coming finale. If you don't accept this, you might not like it one bit. But hey, Skrull Galactus!

Quote of the moment: It's a tie between Nick Fury's "Yeah? Well my god has a hammer!" and the legendary "Avengers! ASSEMBLE!". The latter gave me chills by the way.

Overall: I'm an old-school fanboy...I take comics for what they really are: fun. And this book has enough "Hell yeah!" moments to geek you out. Make no mistake, this issue is all kinds of awesome. 9/10

So what's the verdict? A lot of fun comics this week, but I got burned trying out something for the first time. Not that it happens a lot mind you. Regardless, the good books obviously ganged up on the bad one, so it's a good week to be a comic book fan!

Got any questions, comments or violent reactions? Then leave a comment below and let's talk about it! My Week in Comics is now up every Friday. Thanks for reading!

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