25 Years Ago...

...I wasn't born yet. But now I am, so there you go.

I love birthdays, because birthdays are probably the only time of the year you can act like you own the place because, hey, it's your special day!

And coincidentally, my special day is today.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The man known as Dark Lich (tm) was born this day, September 12 (by the time you're reading this). Which makes him a Virgo. Which makes him smart, grounded and loved by the ladies. My horoscope says Virgos like to lie too, but who believes horoscopes anyway?

So I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me, and I hope you don't mind the shaking you'll feel when I bring all my ninja pirate cyborg zombie friends for a little toasting to my name while rocking out.

And yes, that's exactly how it will look like.

God, I love birthdays.

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