Why start blogging about comic books?

People ask me why I've started blogging about comics. And to be honest, I've been asking myself that too. Before all this, I had no idea about the very scope of comic book blogs in the web. These days, I'm totally floored by the sheer amount of stuff out there! Funny blogs, serious blogs, smart blogs, dumb blogs...the list (literally) goes on and on. Who in his right mind would still want to wade in the already congested waters of comic book blogdom?

Well, you're looking at 'im.

But with the tons and tons of comic book blogs out there, what can I offer in my blog that no one else in the internets can? I mean, I understand that the 'better mousetrap' analogy applies to comic book blogs. Some have the 'out-of-context-comic-panels' schtick down pat, others have insightful comic book commentary drawn from years and years of experience that I could never possibly match, let alone duplicate, in my lifetime. But what can I talk about that no one else (or at least a staggering minority) can with some sort of palpable authority?

To answer that, I guess I have to look at my credentials.

I'm a non-jaded comic book fan. I never lived through the Golden or Silver or Bronze age or whatever. I don't hang onto to comic book continuity like, as Joe Casey once put it, a fucking life preserver, unless its integral to the story I'm currently reading I don't have any preconceived notions about how comic book characters should act. I take comics for what they are: a sometimes fun, sometimes scary, but altogether enjoyable respite from the nasty, nasty world out there.

I also dream of breaking into the comic book business someday. I've conceptualized a handful of stories that I can't wait to put into paper*. I've doodled a dozen comics when I was a kid (the art and writing of which I think I'll mercilessly subject you to in a future post). Comics are my life, and I can't imagine a more awesome reality than me writing or drawing a comic book and having people enjoy what I do.

I mean, isn't that what comic books are supposed to be about?

So I'm a comic book writing geek that sees the pure, unfiltered fun to be had in the little funnybooks we read each month. If that isn't specific enough, I don't know what is. But one thing's for sure...I've got a unique perspective to comic books that I would love to write about. I try my hardest to be accessible to comic reader and (especially) non-reader alike. And if it gets them to come and join this little hobby of ours, then all the more reason to keep writing.

I guess the future of this blog depends on what I'll post next, right?



God, I can't handle the pressure!!!!

Anyway, thanks for reading this little rant/rave/reveal. If you wanna discuss comic blogs, comics, or me (hopefully me, but that's just me), just leave a comment below and let's talk about it.

But man, what to write next?

*Stories which, due to my Rorschach-level paranoia, I will not openly discuss for fear of people stealing it. You know how everybody loves a good idea!

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