Friday Night Fights...Ladies Night!

It's another Friday Night Fight...and its gonna get real messy!

They asked for a female fighter, and I don't think you can get any more fighter-ish than a girl cloned from the deadliest, scruffiest sonovagun in the Marvel Universe!

So what happens when X-23 meets Wolverine in less than stellar terms? Let's watch.

Dirt in the wounds? Why didn't I think of that? Better yet, why didn't anyone think of that but her?

Coz she's X-freaking-23, that's why.

What's that, Wolvy? You were saying something?

That's what I thought.

Thanks, Bahlactus! It's been a bloody blast!

This week's fight comes from the Avril-inspired team of Craig Kyle and Chris Yost from X-23: Target X #6. No, seriously. Avril Lavigne would look good with foot claws.

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