Finally caved in: just ONE box of Marvel Heroclix: Secret Invasion

Yeah so I finally gave in and bought myself a pack of Marvel Heroclix: Secret Invasion instead of saving it up for something far more important.

For the uninitiated, Heroclix is a tabletop strategy game using miniaturized sculptures of well known (and sometimes not so well-known) heroes and villains. Kinda like chess with super powers and dice. More can be explained here.

Anyway, going back to my pack, I remembered all the uproar this set had in different forums, especially in HCRealms, where the people there stirred with such zealous furor slash fervor over things such as sculpts, game stats, collation, quality control, the changing of the card stock of the character cards...even the game's designer, Seth Johnson, wasn't spared from their wrath. Being the indecisive shit that I am, I planned on sitting on Secret Invasion for a while until I get my lust for Heroclix going again. But, as I realized when my girlfriend and I went to the mall today, my will's kung-fu is weak...hence the pack of Marvel Heroclix: Secret Invasion.

At least I let my girlfriend pick a pack for me, so if I get crap, I can blame it on her. Hahahaha...wait...let me get this...hello? Oh hi, sweetie! I was, sweetie I was just jok...yes, sweetie I know it doesn't work that way...I know but there are ants out there it gets hard to sleep...yes, sweetie....I'll love it very much. Okay...just ready the leash...okay, bye. Love you.

Okay where was I? Oh yes, the pack.

Opened the box and there was Skrull Yellowjacket smiling at me (I think). There was also Gravity (new guy), Goliath (the guy who died in Civil War), She-Thing and my rare, Spider-Girl. Pretty good haul, especially since Spider-Girl was one of my wants in this set (thanks to my girlfriend's golden hand!).

Sculpt-wise I believe the fears were a bit founded, though I don't think it was any different from the supposed 'bad' sculpts we had in Crisis. Skrullowjacket in particular looks a tad more awful than I'm used to, and Goliath looks like John Rambo after a Beef and Potato burrito or two. Seriously, you could literally hear him scream a slurry "ADRIAAAANNN!" with that face.

Stats...well...after the powerhouse-filled set that was Crisis, I was a bit floored by all the starting 9 attacks and 16-17 defenses on everyone except for Spider-Girl. I guess I have to buy a couple more of these babies before I make an informed review.

The cardstock of the feats and battlefield conditions have been downgraded to the same flimsy stock used on character cards from Crisis. It will take a lot of getting used to...I mean, the last BFCs and feats were hella freaking Pogs-thick. But as I said, it will take geting used to. And I will hopefully.

I guess that's enough for that. More of my experiences with this set once I get more figs. Sorry if this is old news...I'm from the Philippines, and stuff comes in slow where I am. But least you know what I know!

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