This is it, folks.

There's no turning back.

I've finally reached my decision. Finally thinking that it's now or never.

From this day forward, the next generation of comic blog comes to light.

No more emo. No more love sick posts.

No holds barred. No retreat, no surrender. That is Spartan law.

Okay, I just lost my train of thought. But regardless. I welcome you to a new beginning. Think Happy Thoughts has run its course (at least, here at Blogger. My Happy Thoughts are not just contained here. There's also here and possibly here.) and it's time for a change.

It's now time to BEHOLD THE GEEK.

My geekiness knows no bounds, and you will see it in this very blog. My love for comics, toys and anything related to both will be talked about, dissected and made fun it Heroclix or He-Man, comic books or comic babes. If I love it, it's in here.

And I hope you love it too.

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