4 ON THE FLOOR Week 6: Rose-y Cheeks

4 ON THE FLOOR is a weekly look at the history, the passion, and the puzzle that is the Dark Lich's blog. All of it in celebration of it's 4th anniversary.

Hey, even if I've officially renamed this to BEHOLD THE GEEK doesn't mean I can't celebrate my anniversary, right? Right. So rest assured 4 ON THE FLOOR will continue to run. We still haven't scratched the epidermis of it all, folks!


I thought my childhood fear of Night of the Living Dead could not be pushed from its pedestal...but something came and scared the shit out of it so hard they jumped willingly out of the way.

Okay, I don't wanna start this off in the scary vein, but damn...The Exorcism of Emily Rose is right up there with the scary ones. It didn't help that I was sitting just 5 seats away from the front row. Every time Emily Rose did her demon face it was like she was literally all up in my grill like you won't believe. Not to mention that my date that day (see last 4 ON THE FLOOR for ideas) wasn't supposed to watch this but she did. And I never heard a peep from her.

I didn't get to sleep that night. Every time I closed my eyes I would see that image and it would freak me out. Needless to say I never stayed up after 3am after that...though it did wonders for my school attendance.

Oh, and I just found out recently that Jennifer Carpenter, who played the titular character in the movie, is starring in my favorite show Dexter. Huh. I knew that face was familiar. At least now I can enjoy her performance sans the twitching and awkward convulsions. Way to go!

So, anyone up for swapping scary stories before the next 'flooring? Leave a comment below and let's talk about it...or not. There's still more to floor, folks...so keep it locked here!

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