4 on the Floor: Prologue

This is it, folks. There's no turning back now.

Because starting this 16th, I will begin what will probably be the most awesome thing you (and by you, I mean the 5 or so people reading my blog) will ever experience in your paltry little lives.

Lady and gentlemen, I present to you...

4 on the FLOOR!

Yes, folks. On October 16, my blog will celebrate its 4th anniversary. That means for four years I have survived heartbreaks, heartaches, successes and sucky days, and had half the good mind to post about it in this very blog.

Some things last forever. Some things don't. Thankfully for me, this blog has lasted for far longer than I expected it to, and I'm kinda proud of that. And I hope it lasts till my good years are gone (or at least until Blogger.com decides to stop their service, in which case I will curse their good name and call upon locusts and wasps unto them and all their houses. Kidding.)

So what will this "anniversary" mean to you, dear reader? I'll tell you exactly how.

Every week starting next week (or at least I'll try to :D) I will recap portions of what I have posted on this blog for kicks and laughs, and give you an insight on whether I have changed from that point or am still the whiny little bitch my former posts allude me to being. Yes folks, you will walk with me (or I will probably forcefully drag you) along memory lane and reminisce on the past and the ramifications they had to my present. Since I'm not much of a blogger (I think I've admitted at least that much in my very first post), I don't have that many posts to pick apart and ponder, so this should be easy. On you and on me. Right? Right!

So stay tuned for 4 ON THE FLOOR! It only gets better from here, folks!

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