Big Boss, man!

It's no secret that I loathe my job...or at least I loath that I'm still there with no more room to grow. Ergo, I thought that this once-exciting job is now the monotonous force-of-habit of me waking up every weekday morning facepalming myself and saying "Not again..."

Suddenly, out comes life to sweep the rug from under me and serving me one of the weirdest yet most fulfilling work days of my life!

So we've been searching for another copywriter since Irene left, and I've been pushing HR to give me one, even going so far as to give them my own recommendation (which is Cassie, one of the office's interns I became friends with) and bugging them till the cows come home to hire her.

Wonder of wonders then when yesterday, our production manager asked me to interview Cassie tomorrow (which is today, for the dateline challenged). So I just kept nodding my head while deep inside I was wide-eyed and giddy as a school girl, since this will be the first time I will ever interview someone my entire life.

So today comes and I interview her first thing in the morning. I fumbled a few lines here and there but I kept it as professional as possible, even trying to write notes on her resume like the real interviewers do!

Now you might say, "What's the big effin' deal, Dark Lich? It's just an effin' interview!". And I would totally effin' agree. But the thing about me is that I like being given responsibility, and being given the responsibility of interviewing somebody, analyzing both their worth and their potential to be hired, not to mention that their future employment is in my hands, made me feel like I'm more than just a writer in this damn company, like I'm actually an important part in this organization.

Anyway, teh madness doesn't end there. No no no, not yet!

The same morning, the aforementioned production manager texted me, saying that the boss of bosses (no, its not who you think it is) just gave me an OJT, and I'm supposed to train him starting today.

I say, "What the heck, why not?"

Only then realizing as I went to her office (just after my interview) to pick up the trainee that it's her nephew, and he's a 16 year old Fil-Am kid from Maryland staying for the summer, and he doesn't speak a lick of Tagalog.

He's actually pretty nice, and as giddy as giddy can be. He's a big anime fan (hence why he was given to me) and what's funny was, upon realizing that I was the voice of HERO, broke into the same starstruck glee one gets when they meet a celebrity. Now how about that? And I'm going to be teaching him the ropes of copywriting and producing plugs for the whole month. And he can't be any more excited at the prospect of it.

So yeah, I felt really important in this job today, more than any formal title or pay raise can make me feel in my lifetime.

Okay, maybe not as great as a pay raise, but close enough.

It's going to be an exciting week ahead. I can just smell it!

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