Dark Lich dips into: D&D Miniatures

If you were kind enough to read my post about collecting and my insatiable hunger (or is it lust?) for anything collectible, I will now honestly tell you that I wasn't churning out hyperbole sa ginawa kong post na yun.

I've been researching on Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures ever since I saw their boosters sa Neutral Grounds since forever. For more info, you can check out their stuff here. Basically they're the same as Heroclix, pero mga miniature representations sila ng mga fantasy characters as seen sa Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. You can play them like Heroclix and fight it out with an opponent using dragons, magicians and elven archers (magugustuhan siguro ni kuya UC tong game na to), or you can just use them as just physical representations of your characters if you're playing a D&D campaign. OR you can just collect them all for their awesome sculpts.

They had me at 'collect'.

So I went to Trinoma yesterday and caved in to my curiosity and bought a D&D Miniatures booster. "Night Below" said the cover of the box, and upon further research I found out it came out about mid 2007. So it was pretty new.

My only fear was to buy a booster with nothing but halflings, dwarves and carrion crawlers.

I shoulda kept my mouth shut. Coz upon opening the box, I got these:

Prisoner (a generic prisoner figure. I knew my day wasn't good XD)

Hobgoblin Marshall (a pretty decent fig)

Kobold Trapmaker (as tiny as tiny can be)

Brass Golem (this one's pretty cool. Will be giving this to my best friend, who loves anything with 'Golem' in it)

Halfling Tombseeker

Trained Carrion Crawler

Guard of Mithral Hall (a dwarf)

Shadowbane Inquisitor (a rare. Not so much of a rare pero at least...)

So yeah, that's 3 tiny figs, 4 medium figs and one large fig. All for 750 pesos. Not bad of a deal considering that they have nice sculpts and the detail in each fig is a step or two above Heroclix.

I'm seriously thinking about collecting sets of these guys but with the 750 price tag per booster that's 300 more than I am willing to shell out for a chance to get miniatures the size of a Mentos. So right now I'm checking out if they have characters I like (and they do, like Raistlin Majere and COUNT STRAHD VON ZAROVICH baybeh!). But that means I have to go to E-bay for those, and I really don't trust online shopping that much...

What to do...what to do...

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