Bestfriends: Rewind?!


Whatever happened to the fall out between Abby and William's...never mind. I tuned in kanina to Bestfriends and expected to see the continuation of the cheesy and wonderful cliffhanger last week, and find out they replayed an earlier episode! Wadapak?! Anyway it still has Abby in all her taray glory so it's okay.

For those who haven't watched early episodes of Bestfriends, William's friend Cheska (Cheska from Singles, also an Ideal Minds show) came from the States for a 3 week visit. William is sooo ecstatic about seeing his old friend while Abby would rather watch movies with him (awww!). When they do meet her, she gets all mushy and conyo on William and gets all bitchy on Abby (my fave quote from Cheska: Ookey-ookey [ukay-ukay]? What's that?!). Abby's pissed expression was priceless.

William gets invited to Cheska's party at some mall, with reluctant Abby in tow. The confrontation scene in the bathroom was funny when Cheska just throws down every hurtful remark imaginable on poor little Abby. Abby storms out (Cheska again: Like, what's her problem?) understandably. William confronts then realizes how a real bitch Cheska is and, needless to say, chooses Abby over his bitchy 'acquaintance'. In the end, the trade cheeseburgers and wine for siopao and Mountain Dew and promise to stay friends forever (forever daw oh!).

We also see some scenes with Paul* (Abby's boyfriend) on the show. Gawd, I so hate his face. He's like the epitome of the ugly guy with the hot girl, the kind that cements the saying that life isn't fair. Reminds me of dozens of guys like him who took all the hot chicks away from me. Hehehe...

*Is it Paul? I don't remember...but I think I'm right.

**I don't even know what's next...but I hope next week they show the fallout of the the Puerto Galera incident, man! Bestfriends airs Wednesdays at 830pm on IBC 13.

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