Bestriends is one of the most unique shows on air today. It's the story of William (played by William Thio) and Abby (played by the delicious Abby Cruz), who share an unusual yet fun relationship: as girl and guy best friends.

Bestfriends shows a lighthearted yet terribly mushy look at the dynamics of a platonic girl-guy relationship. William is a sorta kinda yuppie who doesn't seem to have that many guy friends (but trust me, he's more manly than he looks). Abby is this hip chick who hangs out at bars with her best friend William a tad too much (which make people think, 'kayo na ba?'). But of course, and as I recently found out, Abby has a boyfriend and she maintains that she and William are 'just friends'. But can they really stay that way?

That's the question that you'll ask yourself every Wednesday night as you watch the interactions between William and Abby, and their interactions with their respective buddies, and their thoughts about each other as an episode of Bestfriends comes on air.

WRITING: (9/10)
Each episode is ripe with quasi-romantic feelings and is mushy without being overly cheesy. Although some of the character's 'realistic' dialogue seems really forced ("So there I was, looking out towards the sea, with the wind blowing on my face"), the short testimonials from each character more than make up for it. Especially William. Who knew he was such a cheesy sonovagun?

ACTING: (6/10)
The writers are going for a 'reality show' kind of feeling, where the characters use 'improptu' dialogue, seemingly saying what's on their mind at the moment. But when I need the emotions enforced, the characters seem to slacken, and when we need it light, they seem to be in such a terrible strain to let it out as naturally as they can. Good, but needs more work.

Good in a sense that they were going for the sort of 'reality' feel, so the normal camera angles, the straight shots of the stars are needed to bring the story to life.

OVERALL: (8/10)
Bestfriends is a solid effort. And for everyone who has a soft spot for cheesy, 'When Harry Met Sally' kind of stories or for everyone who has a hard spot (pun!) for Abby Cruz, then this show is for you.


The reason I seem to be so attached to Bestfriends is partly because I had an idea for a story just like it...2 year before Bestfriends was ever shown on TV. Only it had a very tragic ending (meaning its not an ending everybody likes).

But the main reason I like the show is because it caters to my penultimate love fantasy: falling in love with your bestfriend. Sure, Lovers in Paris had its share of cheeziness, and heck, even Darna gets you going with the romance. But there's nothing like the feeling of falling for someone you've known for so long, and who knows you so well, and the uncertainty that follow such emotions. That's the kind of love fantasy I always wanted to have and what I really like playing around in my head. That's the reason why I fell in love the way I did with the last two girls I courted, and still it's a wonderful story to be told...but I guess it looks better when it happens to other people!

Next week on Bestfriends: William and Abby finally found each other after days of 'cooling off' after the Puerto Galera incident. How will they handle what happend and what they feel for each other? Is this the end of the 'best friendship on earth'? Bestfriends airs Wednesdays at 830PM on IBC 13.

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