AEW Unmatched Tay Conti Figure Review

Watching AEW's Tay Conti for the first time is like being in a roller coaster ride. Coming out shimmying to a Brazilian dance beat, this pretty wrestler smiles and waves like a madman to the fans as she comes down to the ring where her opponent waits for her.

And then the music stops and the bell rings. Soon enough, you're in shock as said opponent is lying in a dead heap after a series of kicks and knees to the face from the Brazilian bombshell that is Tay Conti.

As with any character in pop culture I fancy, I hoped there would be an action figure of her someday. And like clockwork, Jazwares stepped up with their latest AEW Unmatched line, featuring Tay Conti's first action figure that I'll be reviewing today!

The likenesses on Jazwares' AEW figures are a hit or miss (they did Riho dirty and I'm still mad), but it seems they've been steadily improving if AEW Unmatched Tay Conti is any evidence.  From certain angles you can kind of see the resemblance, even if they didn't quite capture Tay Conti's usual cheeky smile.

At least it's not a goblin's face masquerading as a person.

The details really make this figure pop. Her ring gear is sculpted nicely and painted well with minimal errors. Love the shiny green!

Jazwares also seems to have gone the extra mile to make this AEW Unmatched Tay Conti figure accurate, as evidenced by the fuller-than-usual, um, assets. I don't own any other female AEW figures, so I don't know if others have the same prodigious detail, but it works for Tay here. I'm sure she worked hard for her figure that leaving it out on this fig would have been sacrilege. Flaunt it, girl!

AEW Unmatched Tay Conti doesn't come with much, unfortunately.  She's got default fists and an alternate head, and that's it. No alternate hands for grasping or for doing her signature cheesy wave. It must not cost Jazwares much to add extra hands or heads if a bigger character like Dustin Rhodes got both, so why would they skimp on Tay? A mystery for the ages.

The extra head is a sterner likeness of Tay with her hair down for when you want to display her in her pissed-off judoka mode. Once the smiles fade, someone's gonna get thrown around like a ragdoll.

I was excited to finally get a figure of Tay for my wrestling picture fed, but as I started posing her the flaws became clear. She's well-articulated from the waist up, but her ball hips have very little range beyond lazily raising her knee. A poor representation for a wrestler whose offence famously involves her legs and feet!

AEW Unmatched Tay Conti certainly earns her spot in any display that only requires her to stand and look fierce. But she could have been much more, you know?

For a 30 USD figure, I certainly can complain! The simplest things kept AEW Unmatched Tay Conti from becoming a great purchase. If you're looking for a posable action figure for your toy photography, it's best to look elsewhere. But if you're just a Tay Conti fan like me looking for a representation of your favorite AEW wrestler, this is all you've got. Here's hoping Jazwares revisits her and other female wrestlers down the line.

I hope you found this review helpful! Stay safe out there and thanks for reading!

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