Marvel Legends X-Man Nate Grey Review

X-Man art by penciler Alan Davis

The last time I saw the mutant known as X-Man, he was a shaman creating utopias for mutants. But to me, he will always be the cocky teenager who was potentially the most powerful mutant on Earth.

Teenage me loved X-Man. My tita bought me X-Man comics from the States to read a few months later, and my collection of X-Man comics will never part from me. Even though it has been months since this Marvel Legends X-Man came out, It's only fitting that the biggest X-Man fan in South East Asia should put a few words in regarding a long-awaited update to this powerful and incredibly underrated character!

Marvel Legends X-Man looks great in hand. No accessories, sadly, but I don't think there's anything you can accessorize him with. The headsculpt is a generic scowling face, so you can't pin down the era it represents. Is it the Alan Davis era? Is it how Roger Cruz drew him? I can't see it, but I do like the energy effect emanating from his eye, which always glowed like such in the comics. Good job, Hasbro!

Back and front view of Marvel Legends X-Man figure
Close up of headsculpt of Marvel Legends X-Man

Hasbro did their homework with Marvel Legends X-Man. The jacket, the yellow piping, the weird knee pads, they all scream 90's Nate Grey, and I'm here for it. They could have called it a day and just used paint apps for these details, but I'm glad they didn't! The belt is new, and the knee pads are sculpted on as well. Can't cut corners on my boy Nate!

Articulation is standard Marvel Legends fare, with ball-joint head, double jointed knees and elbows as well as an ab crunch and waist swivel. The poses you can make with Nate is par for the course, which I'm glad it is.

My only gripe is that the paint on Marvel Legends X-Man could be applied a bit better, as it's noticeably sloppy on its lapels. And since it's yellow paint over blue plastic, I dread the day that that yellow turns green due to fading or whatever entropic reaction it'll get in the future.

But as an X-Man fan, I am pleased. This is as much of an action figure I could expect of such an obscure 90's character, and the fact that I now have a good physical representation of my favorite comic book character is a sign that today is a good day. These days, you take the wins you get!.

Thanks for reading! And if you're an X-Man fan like me, sound off in the comments!

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