5 Life Lessons We Can Learn from Pro Wrestling

Professional wrestling and real life is as different as night and day. One is sports entertainment and the other is just seldom entertaining. But even the human game of chess has some nuggets of wisdom we could use in our day-to-day lives. Let's look at some life lessons we can all learn from pro wrestling:

Pro wrestling is home to big dudes that talk big. Mics are grabbed and trash is talked to get the audience hyped up for your match. But nobody wants to be the dude who's known to be just full of hot air. Because eventually, there comes a point when the mic drops and you have to start doing what you said you'd do.

 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin may be known for his razor-barbed promos, but he's also known for opening a can of whoop ass when the talking part of the show is done. Whether it's finishing that big project, excelling in your field, or maybe just simply following through on a promise made, all those words won't matter unless you get down and do it.

In pro wrestling, people have roles to play. The heavyweights, the mid-carders, the tag teams, they all contribute to the show as a whole. So find what you're good at and do your best at it. Are you the ideas guy like Paul Heyman? Are you better at the heavy lifting? Is your superpower being able to bring the best people together?

We can't all be main-event material, but your role in life could be just as exciting and useful for everyone around you, if not more so! 

"Selling" is the wrestling parlance of making the fight inside the ring believable to the audience, from reacting to a punch thrown in your face to screaming in pain when your opponent has you locked into a Sharpshooter.

Life's blows are staggering, to say the least, and you'll find yourself selling more often than not. But you'll find your "Hulk out" moment sooner or later, and soon you'll be no-selling like John Cena in no time.

For decades, The Undertaker made us believe he can call down lightning whenever he wants or come back from being buried alive. The man known as Luchasaurus is a goddamn wrestling dinosaur/man hybrid. The best characters in pro wrestling work not because they're real, but because they're believable. You don't have to be a larger than life character, but you have to be authentic.

Rarely do we get things right the first time. More often than not, it takes change to find out what works, both in the squared circle and in real life. It took a blue blood like Hunter Hearst Helmsley a few years of fighting before becoming Triple H. Isaac Yankem was a wrestling dentist until he found his stride (and the ability to summon the flames of hell itself) as the Big Red Machine, Kane.

If things aren't working out in life, don't be afraid to change it up. Who knows, maybe change was the very thing you needed all along!

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