DC Icons Batgirl Toy Review

The DC Icons line of collectible action figures has a new addition to their ranks, quite possibly one of the best figures we've seen this year! I'm talking about DC Icons Batgirl, which I'll be reviewing today!

The moment I laid eyes on her was the moment I knew I had to have her. Fast forward to an excruciating amount of months later, and I now have in my hands one of my most wanted figures in the DC Icons line!

The box is nice and huge, giving you a good view of the toy and her accessories within. They had to go big, if they wanted space for that big-ass motorcycle she comes with! It's a great display piece, that's for sure

But a figure this nice should not be contained in that box for long!

DC Icons Batgirl packs a lot of detail for something so small. From the zippers in her costume to the creases in the leather to the laces on her swaggy boots, this figure totally feels like a premium collectible.

The paint work on the figure is excellent, with no errors aside from some sort of misapplied brown paint on the face of the extra headsculpt included. Since it's not that noticeable I don't consider it a big deal, but really that's the worst I could say about this figure, and it's something you could look out for in the future.

Standing at a few hairs under 6 inches, DC Icons Batgirl will look good among your DC Universe Classics figures, if you're planning to mix and match. Most of the figures in the DC Icons line is out of scale with everything else, though. Thankfully, this version of Batgirl is younger, so her smaller proportions fit her character.

Batgirl uses the same plentiful articulation system as previous DC Icons releases, meaning you can put her in a lot of heroic poses with ease. The weakness I saw in my DC Icons Flash is still here though, notably her inability to look up to save her life. Really, a neck hinge is all that's standing in the way of DC Icons from becoming one of the classics.

DC Icons Batgirl comes with one of the biggest "accessories" around: her own Batcycle, a nicely detailed piece that's bigger than the figure it comes with! It looks stylish and futuristic, with painted details and free-spinning wheels that make it more than just a solid piece of plastic. I don't know if you can turn the front wheel left and right, but I don't want to risk breaking such a beautiful thing.

The bike can attach to a base with "screeching tires" effects to simulate motion and so it can stand on its own for display. Attach the extra "gripping" hands on Batgirl and she can "ride" the bike with relative ease and minimal fiddling. She also comes with an extra "whipping hair" headsculpt and "flying" cape to give the illusion of movement, which are very nice and thoughtful inclusions. The only missed opportunity is again her limited neck articulation, meaning Batgirl'll be staring at her front bumper forever.

And just when you thought that's all of it, DC Icons Batgirl has more accessories! She has a little grappling hook gun and an extra hand to hold it with...

...and a little smartphone for all her selfie needs! It's positively microscopic, so be careful not to lose it!

Batgirl has seen a renewed popularity with this Batgirl of Burnside incarnation, so it's a treat that we got an awesome collectible figure out of it. With a great sculpt and a ton of cool accessories, DC Icons Batgirl is the total package and a great addition to the DC Icons line. A must-have if you're a Batgirl fan!

It's out in your local comic book shop and specialty stores, so you better snap this up on sight!

What's your favorite DC Icons figure? Leave a message in the comments and let's talk about it. Thanks for reading!

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