Beach Queens Anjo Naruko Review

Summer may long be over, but here at Behold the Geek!, we believe summer is as long as you make it! That’s why in the interest of keeping my office workstation in a sunny mood despite the smog-filled atmosphere, I got myself the perfect desk ornament: a Beach Queens figure! Specifically, a figure of a certain Naruko Anjo...

Anjo “Anaru” Naruko is a character from the anime whose name is so long they shortened it to AnoHana. I know nothing about the anime except from hearsay from friends gushing to me about it, but what I do know is that when preview pics of her Beach Queens figure came out, I was so starstruck I knew I had to have one. And so, a few months of waiting and a crying wallet later, she's now the star of this review you're reading today!

I've reviewed Wave Corporation's Beach Queens before, so the box should hold no secrets for you. Except, of course, for the figure inside. A minute of careful unboxing later,

She's even prettier in person! The figure looks really good. Her sculpt is gorgeous, and all the little details pop, like her huge anime eyes to the knots on her bikini. Her cute expression as she mugs for an imaginary camera is adorkable!

As always, it’s a voyage of discovery when it comes to Beach Queens, as once again an instruction manual is not included with the figure. It’s inspiring to think that Wave Corporation thinks so highly of its customers, letting me figure out for myself how to swap her hairstyle or remove her shirt if I want to display her differently. After a few moments gingerly pulling on stuff here and there, I learned a few things about Anaru:

  • Her head is removable, and she comes with two hairstyles molded in two pieces, the front and the back, not unlike those of a Figma or a Revoltech Fraulein.

  • Her pink shirt is molded in soft plastic, and are held in place by tabs on each side.

To take her shirt off, gently pop off her head, untab both sides of her shirt and slip it off. When you're done, you can take a closer look at the sculpt. And what a sculpt it is! Anaru's proportions are more on the realistic side, from her killer curves to her long, shapely legs, and I absolutely love it.

As I tinkered around with her a bit, I came across a pleasant surprise feature: her ponytails are poseable! Yes folks, both of her ponytails are ball-jointed, and you can pose her as if a cool summer breeze tugged at her twin ponytails as she strikes a pose! Awesome.

Anaru also comes with a "hair down" style, which gives her that "classic beauty" look. Which hairstyle would you pose her in?

As I look at Anaru smiling at me from the corner of my desk, I found myself loving what Wave Corporation has done with her Beach Queens figure. She's got lots of character for a static figure and a gorgeous sculpt to boot. And despite her being real fiddly for a Beach Queens fig (popping off her head for the first time is nerve-wracking!), the pros outweigh the cons, making her a very welcome addition to any Beach Queens collection.

I hope you enjoyed this review just as much as I did making it! Thanks for reading!

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