Avengers Mjolnir Papercraft

For hawk-eyed (!) fans out there, you would have noticed that Thor's mighty hammer Mjolnir gets a facelift in Marvel's The Avengers movie, sporting a new handle design and other little details. To celebrate the launch of the movie, I've now distilled the new look into a new Mjolnir papercraft!

My last papercraft design required large-format printing, but this new version can be printed out in 8.5" by 11" sheets! Now you too can run around with an up-to-date, bigger and meaner version of Thor's hammer! Totally safe to throw at your friends! But I don't guarantee you can call it back to you.

Here are the download links to the PDF file. Both links contain the same file, so you need to download from one!
Avengers Mjolnir Papercraft (alternate link in case the previous link doesn't work)

As always, the papercraft design was based on Tektonten's amazing Thor hammer design. Any comments and suggestions about this template can be directed to my Facebook page. Enjoy! And thanks for reading!

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  1. do you have the dimensions of the hammer?

    hammer width
    hammer height
    hammer total length

    i'm making one, but not papercraft :)

    1. I'm also trying to make one out of some tough cardboard i found. :) any chance we could get the dimensions? Thanks!

    2. Hey people! I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention to old posts but there was a sudden surge of views and here we are!

      Anyway, it's been a while since I touched this template but here:

      width 9 inches
      height 5 inches
      total length 17 inches (12 inch handle + 5 inch head height)

      Hope this helps. Hope to see your creations sometime, or maybe soon, since Thor: The Dark World is all the rage right now! :D

  2. Love your Mjolnir plans. I'm trying to make one for my daughter for Christmas. I want to print on silver cardstock, but the grey filler makes it smudgy and dark (I've tried various settings....augh......) Do you have a line drawing version, like an earlier version before it was filled in with color? Then I could make print it shiny and then emboss the dark parts and paint them in darker. Good plan, right?

  3. can i print it in 8.27" by 11.69" sheets?

  4. Well i'll hang this thing with zangestu :p