It's the age of gatefold chrome covers and impossibly huge guns, of Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee. It's the most explosive, bloody and eye-bleedingly shiny era in comic book history, and it's time someone stood up to take notice!

I'm talking about the Dark Age of the 90s, and I'm here to say it's not as dark as people make it out to be! Hold on to your butts, coz I'm about to shed a light on all the awesome stuff that little decade gave us, with the most EXTREEEEEME theme week you'll ever see in your blog-reading existence!

It's 90's Week here at Behold the Geek! Get excited!

Check back here for updates of the most extreme week in the blogosphere!

From Pouches to Prophet: Why the 90s Was Awesome

90s Trading Cards are Awesome!

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