7 Things I Learned to Do Because of Comic Blogging

You learn something new every day. For me, it took seven years.

Not because I'm slow, but because of this little blog you're now reading. Working on Behold the Geek! has been one big, long learning experience, and it's because of this blog that I learned to do and try new things. Let me tell you seven things I learned to do because of blogging...and maybe you might learn to do the same too!

I learned to try new things

I used to HATE trying out new comic books. I loved my routine pulls, content with the fact that I was reading stuff I love. But thanks to blogging, I was forced learned to take off these blinders and actively seek out new books to try. I discovered some of my new favorites this way, like The Sixth Gun and SF Legends: Ibuki, and it also diversified my reviews, giving much-needed relief for my readers who are about to go into a coma reading reviews of the same two books every month. More or less. :)

I learned to read bounce rates

It took me a while, but only through this blog did I learn that high bounce rate=bad, low bounce rate=good.

I learned to network

Now, I'm not exactly the shy type, but when it comes to networking, I sucked hard. Can you blame me? Established comic bloggers and creators aren't exactly the type of people you tap on the shoulder casually to say hi to. But thanks to this blog, I learned to reach out and touch people. Now I've got big-name people on my email list, and it still blows my mind to this day.

I learned to use Google Reader like a boss

If you've ever watched or read Watchmen, you might remember a scene where Adrian "Ozymadias" Veidt sits in front of a sea of TV monitors, watching and digesting information through all of them at the same time. That's kinda how I feel when I use Google Reader, and because of this hobby I learned to read and skim and digest my news feed of all the comics news and commentary sites like Ozymandias did!

I learned to save

Okay, so I haven't saved much, but Behold the Geek! is the reason why I can afford to buy comics and toys to review. A portion of my paycheck automatically goes to the BtG! fund the moment it lands in my hands. Good thing if I want to review the freshest comics, but not if I want to eat.

I learned to be patient

Growing a blog is like playing SimCity: it's slow, hard as heck, and aliens can come and wreck the place when you aren't looking. Okay, maybe not the last part, but thankfully if there's anything this blog taught me to do, it's to have the patience of Buddha and Jeff "The Dude" Bridges put together. Online popularity doesn't happen overnight, and I learned to just do what I gotta do. Sooner or later, the fangirls will come. I just gotta be patient!

I learned to write, write, WRITE!

Writing is a passion of mine that didn't really have any sort of focus before. An unfinished story here, a short article there, poetry that are better served lining the floors of bird cages...I was all over the place. Now that I've got this blog, I've got the one place I can channel my writing powers into, and I get to write about stuff I love! How's that for a hobby? 

Learning is fun! And blogging at Behold the Geek! just made learning double fun! So what did you learn during your blogging days? Let me know in the comments below! You're celebrating with me as we count down to the seventh anniversary of Behold the Geek! Watch out for more goodness as we come ever closer to October 16! Thanks for reading!

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