Webcomics I Love: Tozo - The Public Servant

Welcome to another installment of Webcomics I Love! This week, get ready to get lost in the world of Tozo, The Public Servant! (http://tozocomic.com/)

When Detective Inspector Tozo is asked to investigate the murder of an employee of the Financial Exchange, he has little idea that the trail will lead him into a shadowy and deadly world of political intrigue, smuggling and religious conspiracy.

I'm a sucker for detective stories, and Tozo's mystery's got me hooked. But Tozo isn't just a detective story. It's also the story of this amazing world where the past and future collide. It's a place where automatons (read: robots) walk the streets and steam-powered ships soar the skies, with a little bit of intrigue spliced in between. It's all terribly interesting, and the art has that Hergé flourish that fits the story so well.

So what are you waiting for? Start bookmarking Tozo now! 

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